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Dear Sir, Hello! Reverently I take a lot of pride in introducing our group to you, as a composite Group of Companies which is fully integrated at every step and is capable high quality materials to merrily suit customer demands right from yarns to garments.Our products portfolio includes all kinds of our yarns (viscose, polyester, nylon, rayon) and the latest of them all being Dyed Polyester Filament Yarn & Metallic Yarn. We would like to introduce to you our Merrily & Frantic DYED Polyester Filament Yarn & Metallic Yarn range in particular.Our range of DYED Polyester Filament Yarns plants is oldest in our group & has achieved a substantial market with our wide range of standard colors (Database of 650 as on date) and a surprisingly low Order Quantities of as low as 1 Kg per color up to 600 kilos in single shot dyeing ( depending on denier / application) by industry standards. The Target is to develop and add one new color per day to our database as a perpetual effort.Overtime-efforts and full dedication by our team in all divisions of R & D, Planning and Production to marketing and sales has helped us to achieve the reputation..Our Plant is designed in such a way that it can produce a wide range of Deniers available 30 to 600, single twisted or double twisted yarns and multi twisted and plied yarn as per customer demand. The DYED Polyester yarn – range of yarns is suitable for many applications such as, Embroidery, Carpets, Warps / Weft weaving, Narrow Weaving, Knitting, Label Weaving and much more.We are working meticulously every day to achieve something better and new than the day before. Soon we shall be coming up with yarns for technical textiles which will be the best achievement for us in this range of our products.Following to this is a brief introduction of our Dyed plant paraphernalia We hope that together we shall be able to develop a good market in your region. Our infrastructure comprises of the following:1. TFO machines of international standards to provide kgs knot less package.2. Twisting machines to impart 50 TPM to 1000 TPM in single twist segments3. Radio frequency driers for immediate drying.4. Fully equipped lab to maintain all international protocols with all data reports .5. Fully automatic soft package & final package winder to ensure even dyeing.6. Usage of all nominated colors & chemicals to ensure all nominations.The Specialty products which we can offer are :1. Multiple folds yarn for home furnishing industry2. Any kind of griddle effect yarn (PC, PV, METALLIC)3. Cores spun, Poly viscose, poly cotton. Polyester.4. Any yarn with space dyeing (multi color) effect5. Viscose filament yarn in Dyed & multi color effects.6. All kinds of fancy chords.We hope that you will fancied with our profile and shall oblige us with your queries for a further discussion on a mutually beneficial Business.Our Website Best RegardsCHETAN SINGHEE+91 9537997292KIRAN INDUSTRIES PVT LTD.KIRAN COMPOUND,MUGAT DYEING LANE,NEAR MARKET,UDHANA, SURAT.INDIA


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Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Wholesaler

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1. Fabrics: Yarns


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worldAsiaEuropeMiddle East


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$ 1,000,000 - $ 10,000,000


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